Solid Oak Flooring Installation Putney

Solid Oak Flooring Installation Putney

Solid Oak flooring installation is by far the best option if you are thinking of having  new flooring.

What I mean by that previous statement is that i also recommend Solid Oak installing instead of engineered Oak.

  1. Oak has always been a great insulator for old houses, especially in London and the surrounding areas.
  2. Oak is very hard wearing and can be sand down 2mm every 5,10,15 years bearing in mind that the thickness of the planks are between 15mm to 18mm depending on which type of supplier and price.
  3. Solid Oak is very sound absorbent, very good if you have a base ment flat below or someone that like to tap dance above you, you will be recommending they get Solid Oak. This is why traditionally they still use solid oak in dance studios/ballrooms etc if they are 1st floor and above, sounds can travel trough other engineered types over time.
  4. When nailing down the Solid Oak boards using a secret nailer, generally the natural  grain of the wood holds the nails in place, over time they will stay strong. On the other hand engineered flooring can squeak if nailed due to the top 3-6mm being the Oak and the bottom 10-12mm being plywood veneer.
  5. Engineered Oak come with top layer of oak as i said previously, the top layer of oak sits on top of a 10-12mm plywood veneer, this giving its name engineered. The main problem I’ve come across with this top layer is if you should accidental walk over it in a pair of stilettos (High heels) the nib of the heel digs into the 3-6mm top layer very easily, were as if this was solid Oak as the plank is pure hardwood it doesn’t seem to make as deep a grove as the engineered.
  6. The level of the fllor for Solid Oak installation does not have to be perfect, in fact if you have some mild levels in the floor level over 4m Solid Oak seems to sit perfect, were as engineered Oak Flooring is similar to Laminate board because they need a difference of 2mm level over 2m.

Here are few pictures taken from recent Solid Oak Insatllations.

Solid Oak Flooring Installation
Solid Oak Flooring Installation

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