Kitchen Fitter

Kitchen Fitter


On of the main services that we provide here at RenovationWorx is kitchen fitting.

The role of the kitchen fitter varies from project to project, the kitchen fitters main responsibility is to communicate with all of the trade, electrician, Plumbers, designers.

A kitchen fitter in London will have to make sure they have all the necessary materials and tools close at hand, as getting around in London looking for specialist kitchen fitter supplies can be tricky.

Here at RenovationWorx the Kitchen Fitter, or Kitchen Fitter’s are all very professional and have extensive experience in Installing Kitchens.

The kitchen Fitter will also play a very important role in the design aspects, as well as the materials used, whether its Granite, Marble, or Oak worktops.

If you want to get hold of the best Kitchen fitter in London then contact us here.

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