Bespoke Kitchen Fitting London

Bespoke kitchen fittingĀ 

Renovating a kitchen can be one of the most enjoyable experience if you do it correctly, one of my favourites is bespoke kitchen fitting.

Be in London can prove hard for many people and families to find the extra needed space in there kitchen, this is were a bespoke kitchen fit can be ideal.

Many kitchens in London have secret draws and cupboards hidden from the view of the naked eye, giving the kitchen a tidier more spacial look.

Most bespoke kitchen fitting and design come from the carpenter or the installer of the kitchen, and most ideas come from the creativity of that person. Taking into consideration the layout and flow of the new kitchen.

The beauty of a bespoke kitchen is that you can hide unwanted boilers, pipework, and also make the most of the space.

Many times i have been given a plan or a drawing just as a guide line, I will then get my creative thinking into gear and come up with a few bespoke kitchen secrets to add more room, or light, or home comfort to the area.

Below is a short video of a kitchen that was designed off pure creativity no drawing or plan to work to.